• Albanian Eagle


    Pride of heritage shines through the Albanian Eagle pendant cast in gold.

  • Alexander The Great


    Handcrafted pendant depicting ancient Greek king, Alexander The Great.

  • Italian Horn


    Mystical and timeless, the Italian Cornicelli protective symbol is believed to avert bad luck.

  • Mini Medusa


    Outstandingly detailed portrait of Medusa with mesmerizing diamond eyes and hair made of intricately sculpted serpents.

  • Mini Perseus


    Characterized by graphic sophistication and bold simplicity, this stunning pendant portrays Perseus, the hero of vengeance in Greek mythology.

  • Nefertiti


    This artistic interpretation of Egyptian queen, Nefertiti, in delicate enamel detailing, can be worn as a stunning standalone piece or paired or stacked with other personal favorites.

  • Patch of Pride


    An authentic and elegant pendant of the iconic Star of David badge, a quintessetial symbol of pride and faith.